CenTral Consulting operates primarily in the lower half of the North Island from Wellington to New Plymouth, Taupo, and Gisborne.

Specialising in 'one-on-one' and small group consultation and mentoring
in the areas of personal development, strategic planning, time management, 
we also bring communication skills for congregations, small business and volunteer organisations.

'One-on-one' and small groups provide for more personalised support and action-reflection.On-going mentoring is easy by email, Skype, or personal visit.

The aim is to build skills in     

  • strategic planning,      
  • time management,     
  •  delegation,      
  • and professional writing

I bring wide experience in :
  • Personality Type theory and application
  • Organisational development
  • Governance and management in small business and NGO's
  • Board and Local Body membership
  • Tourism

Find Focus

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.
Individuals and groups need to take time out to identify where they want to go so they can decide on an effective way to reach their goals.
Small group process and strategic planning are areas in which I am well versed.

All ministers and youth workers require professional supervision. It’s a great way to maintain progress toward individual goals and to continue personal development.

CAIRA-trained supervisors are a church-based affordable option, recognised by the Anglican and Presbyterian churches in New Zealand, for both ordained and lay leaders.

I am licensed to provide supervision, and to train supervisors in the CAIRA method.

If you are providing supervision but have no specific training, ask about the one year Certificate course that will provide the theory to underpin your practice

For more details visit the CAIRA website .

Develop Leaders

The most effective way to develop leaders is to give potential leaders the opportunity to lead. This can be done in none threatening stages suited to individual potential and passion. A useful process can be:
            they watch you lead / you lead together / they lead while you watch

If you are a Presbyterian minister serving in a congregation or chaplaincy you are required by the General Assembly to hold a Certificate of Good Standing, which remains valid for a period of 3 years. It is renewable by undertaking a Ministry Development Review before the 3 year term expires.

It is important to note that this is a Development review to assist you in improving and developing your ministry. It is not marking you against a pre-determined scale, nor comparing you with anyone else. The report is private to you and shared only with whom you choose. It is normal practise to share the report, and in particular any development goals, with you pastoral supervisor in order to monitor progress over the next three years.

See the PCANZ website   for more details.

Build Teams

Three key ingredients in an effective team are loyalty to the team, recognition of individual strengths, and respectful honesty among team members.

An understanding of personality type in a group setting is a significant strength in building these key values, both for individuals and groups.

Personality Unplugged

This 3 - 4 session course will give you and other participants the opportunity to discover your personality type then through presentations, discussions and exercises you will:

Explore ...

different ways of being in the world and organising your life:
~relationships and personality
~group behaviour and personality
~career choices and personality
~parenting and personality

Discover ...

how to maximise your personality strengths

how to work with difference

how to get the most out of your leadership team

Receive ...

a comprehensive workbook with a summary of the presentation and detailed worksheets in which to record your own reflections & comments