“Spare a thought”                      Eastbourne Herald  29/11/18

Despite all the hype and the enticements to spend more, more, more, most families approach this time of year with a sense of expectation and delight – expectation of a holiday break, of warmer weather, of getting together with families, and delight on children’s faces at the Santa parade, Christmas lights, and a small pile of parcels under the tree. A time to sing favourite carols and listen to angelic-sounding choirs well practiced in the classics.

These are reason enough to approach the holiday season with a lightness of heart, and for Christians a time to celebrate the birth of the one who changed everything, and who lived out the mind-altering power of unconditional positive regard we call love.

But then there are those for whom this season is decidedly not a joyous, because it comes a stark reminder of someone who is no longer here – the first Christmas without a beloved other. Then there are those who by reason of work or travel are separated from family who are living on the other side of the world.

So before you become too caught up in your Christmas preparations, spare a thought for anyone you know who has recently lost a loved one or is going to be alone this Christmas.
Don’t just think about them, but do something tangible to lift the loneliness and bring them a little of the good cheer that will brighten your own celebration of the season.

Reg Weeks

Posted: Thursday 29 November 2018